Faster, error-free & better legally protected with eCoMET


From pacemaker, hip prosthesis to breast implant: an average hospital uses hundreds of medical devices every day. But which exact device was used on which patient? This is often maintained manually. ”Slow and, moreover, copying a number incorrectly happened quickly. In the event of a defective implant, when a so-called recall takes place, this can cause legal problems,” says Bert Lantin, CEO of Besco. ”eCoMET® is a 100% digital & error-free solution”.


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Did you know that the doctor is legally responsible for the correct registration of medical devices? And therefore also legally liable for incorrect or incomplete registrations? eCoMET® makes this procedure 100% conclusive and in a few seconds. ”But there are even more advantages”, says Bert Lantin of Besco. ”Many hospitals still trace medical devices and implants on paper or through self-applied stickers. That takes a lot of time compared to our smart scanning system. Moreover, it is not linked to databases such as stock, planning or pricing. The result? Human errors with the necessary financial consequences”.


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Besco gets rid of this. “With eCoMET® (the successor to SteMaTo Implants) you manage, trace, link and invoice automatically & digitally”, Jos Bessemans of Besco adds. “This is all done by scanning the GS1 code (a barcode that every medical manufacturer must add to the packaging). Our smart databases automatically link this information (including lot number, serial number and expiration date) to the patient file, inventory system, planning, accounting and even the mandatory European databases. ”.


AZ Klina is convinced

One of the pilot hospitals that uses eCoMET® is AZ Klina in Brasschaat. “Scanning saves a lot of time. Moreover, as a hospital and our doctors, we are sure that there will no longer be any incorrect registrations,” summarizes Katrien Meeussen, deputy chief pharmacist at AZ Klina. ”Finally, we now immediately know the cost of the materials used during an intervention. An important step in the budget management of the future”.



Photo: The handy scanning system of eCoMET® in practice

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